together we've repurposed
plastic bottles

every year, americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles. the good news:
augustnoa is curbing plastic bottles waste. 


strives to deliver sustainable products that are good for you and the planet. 

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we create products with mother earth in mind and use as many sustainable materials as possible

recycled plastic bottles + recycled shipping boxes + mindful packaging

recycled plastic bottles

each classic noa backpack repurposes 30 plastic bottles, and each mini noa repurposes 7 plastic bottles. no action is too small to make a positive change. thank you for being a part of this change, let's be kind to mother earth, while looking great.

recycled shipping boxes

all of our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. we also ship our products in custom sized boxes so our carbon footprint is minimal. of course, our customers can recycle and reuse the box after purchase. 

mindful packaging

we're mindful of packaging for each of our products. our zippers are wrapped in tissue paper that can be recycled, minimizing the use of plastic. our mailers are made from recycled materials, and, we're always looking for innovative ways to reduce waste and be kind to mother earth. if you have any questions for us please drop us a note at