march edit

march intention - just do it.

call her daddy - emma chamberlain
anything taylor swift 
sally rooney where are you beautiful world 

march agenda

hustle - a quote that really inspired me lately “inaction breeds doubt and fear. action breeds confidence and courage.” you change your life by doing, not by thinking about doing. for me it’s hard to stay positive without seeing the reward, but building a business is hard and takes time and we just have to keep going and believe in ourselves. i’ve been consistent on tiktok, posting videos every single day and i’m finally figuring it out, one video at a time - come say hi if you’re on tiktok. as nike says it best, just do it. you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll go and achieve a year from now. i believe in you + let’s get that bag : ).

good vibes - energy is everything. hang out with people that radiate positive energy and do more things that bring a smile to your face. you’ll notice the difference. it doesn’t need to be anything big, for me, it’s all about having a good morning routine, meeting up with good friends and picking up fresh flowers for myself. lean into your gut and do more of what makes you happy. your mind and world will shift, trust me on this.

~ a list of things that brings me joy this month ~

cold brew
spa days
shop local + small current fave is fox trot
decorating my new home
dancing with friends


good vibes

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