january edit

january intention - pursue joy. create and find joy in the small moments.

ageless podcast: how to turn a bad day around
how i built this: headspace
dawn fm album by the weekend
star-crossed album by kacey musgraves 

the wife upstairs by rachel hawkins
thinking fast and slow by daniel kahneman
spider man no way home - new fave
sex and the city - i don’t know why it took me so long to start

january agenda

movement - incorporate movement everyday for 30 days. lately i haven't been the best at taking care of myself, therefore, i’m challenging myself to get movements daily, even if it’s 10 minutes.

grow the augustnoa community - i hope this can be a happy place where we learn from each other and have fun! we officially kicked off mindful mondays to embrace imperfect sustainable living by investing in timeless classic pieces, making eco-friendly lifestyle choices and becoming the best version of ourselves.

develop products that bring joy - design more products and fun colors. i’m in the early stages of the new product design process, i would love to get your input! my goal is to design products that are classic timeless pieces that will be loved for years to come, sustainably and ethically made of course. some of the products we’re working on: toiletry bags, travel duffle bags, reusable grocery bags, packing cubes. keep in mind we only want to make products you want and need. comment below on what you’d like to see next! what would bring you joy for years to come?

decluttering - out with the old, in with the new (select few). moving is a great way to declutter all aspects of life and let go of what’s no longer serving me. I accumulated so much stuff without realizing it - all the expired makeup and things that I was “influenced” to buy that just don’t work for me. all the unloved items serve as a reminder that intentional purchase is the only way to go. in the new year, i want to make sure that i truly love each piece I’m bringing home. i ordered these organizers that are all over tiktok - i’m hooked. my bathroom never looked better. i also swapped some of my makeup to westman atelier and they are worth every penny. i’m convinced this shade of blush looks amazing on everyone. try it next time you visit your local sephora.

~ a list of things that brings me joy this month ~

visiting local bookstores
cozy coffee shops
museums, esp the van gogh immersive exhibit
read in bed
iced coffee with glass straw
comforting candles
fuzzy socks
phone dates with friends
watching reality tv
eating Jeni’s ice cream everyday - nothing better!
meditation (newbie here)


clean beauty 


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