catch up with ally volume 4

august is our favorite month and birthday month.

august, for me, symbolizes fresh beginnings, setting goals, and embracing routines that help us finish the year strong. it’s the time of year that school starts, when people return from vacations refreshed and ready for new challenges.

things at augustnoa HQ really picked up this month. we reached our highest sales ever. thank you so much for all your support. you are the reason i get to build augustnoa and do what i love. our community is growing every day. it’s so surreal to see people wearing augustnoa around — we like to call it “augustnoa in the wild” — and on social media.

i’m going to keep making products you love. your feedback and requests are the reason we are here today. we want to continue to take you along this journey and make the products that you want and need. please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions or ideas.

our team also traveled to NYC to attend our first trade show. we met so many amazing people, and shoutout to the Malu who founded sustainable jewelry brand @boundstudios. beyond NYC, our team has traveled to San Diego and Mexico recently, using our trusty classic noas, of course!

on a personal note, i’m trying to find balance in midst of a busy season (trying to find my own version of where ambition meets relaxation!) meditation, facial, massage, and homemade green juice has really helped me to stay grounded. excitement and friends have taken my mind away from the demands of work as well. a core memory was jumping into Lake Michigan with friends at Friday Morning Swim Club. it’s also been a busy month celebrating love with the weddings and engagements of my close friends.
hope you had a great month as well! august can be a busy time of year. here’s to tapping into your own personal balance of work and play as we head into september.

talk soon,