catch up with ally volume 3

hi again! let’s catch up on all the unbelievable things that happened in July….

we launched our SECOND collection!! this collection has new colors and products that you guys are LOVING. it means so much to me that i’m able to share what i’ve been working on everyday for almost 2 years now with you. with these new products, my philosophy has remained the same. everything is intentionally designed and sustainable — elevated basics to bring joy and ease to your life.

it’s been surreal to see all your reactions and feedback. the augustnoa crew and i are so grateful for all the love you’ve shown for our second collection. nothing is more rewarding than seeing you guys LOVE your augustnoa products. nnd of course, HUGE shoutout to the augustnoa team for working so hard to bring it all together.

i also have to give a special shoutout to our INTERNATIONAL augustnoa community. we shipped to (incoming long list): Saudi Arabia (3 times!!!), Mexico, Singapore, Dubai, Guam, London, Canada, Qatar, Nice France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil and Norway. thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. i promise we're working on bringing down the cost of international shipping. hoping to have some good news for you all soon.

we also got to meet thousands of you all at the Faces of Fitness event in Chicago. thank you for stopping by and hanging out with us. our augustnoa fanny packs, backpacks, and socks looked great on you guys. i’m truly OBSESSED with the augustnoa socks. they’re the perfect mid-rise socks that are surprisingly difficult to find on the market.

on a personal note, i’ve been making an effort to spend more time with friends. Lollapalooza after parties have been the highlight of my week. it’s nice to step away and have fun. life is all about balance, the intersection where ambition meets relaxation.

as always, i hope you had a great month! my door is always open for you - please know that I see and read each DM, repost, story, tiktok, comment and email. thank you for giving me this safe space to share my journey with you and create what i love.

until next month!

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