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april intention - finding balance

jay shetty + big sean - releasing negative perspectives to realize your own path
bridgerton season II 
48 laws of power 

april agenda

delegating - as richard branson says, if you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.” entrepreneurship is often glamorized by media and society. in reality, the majority of it is really lonely, faced with a lot of rejections and nos - you have to develop really thick skin, get laser focused and block outside noise. at the same time, you can’t do it all. i’m learning to delegate and outsource some things that i’m not good at and have someone work at the things that they are better, faster and more experienced at. delegation doesn’t apply to just business, it also applies to the job you’re currently at, school and life. outsourcing is a smart way to work smarter not harder.

connecting - storytelling and sharing this journey with you guys is so special. i’ve always been very open with friends and family, but sharing my story on the internet has been a little intimidating to me. lately, I realized that it’s beautiful to be able to connect with each one of you whether that’s through a post, dm, comment, story, tiktok video or pin - your messages and support means the world to me. i’m so excited to be more open with you all and get comfortable sharing my story, why i created augustnoa, grow our community and design sustainable products based on your guys’ input! pack your bags, we’re just getting started here.

~ a list of things that brings me joy this month ~

iced matcha with oat milk
self care days
shop local + small current fave is art of pure
family time
sustainable beauty
hot girl walk
cooking at home



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