3 expert tips to achieve a zero-waste home in collaboration with Redfin

with summer right around the corner, consumers have been thinking of ways to be more environmentally friendly. however, the idea of creating a zero waste home can feel overwhelming. with so many household items creating waste on a daily basis, where should you even begin? to help you start making little eco-friendly changes in your home, Redfin reached out to us and other sustainability enthusiasts to share the best tips on achieving a zero waste home. below are the top 3 tips - click here to learn more.

1. start small

do you want to change the world, go zero waste, and dramatically reduce your home’s carbon footprint? start with the small, easy things, and every month add in something else until you and your house are a zero waste legend. take baby steps like switching to reusable coffee filters or using glass food containers instead of plastic bags. if you jump in and go from 0 to making your own organic beeswax wraps, it’s not going to last. – My Peace Love Life

2. refuse and reuse

when adopting a zero waste home plan, always refuse and reuse. first, refuse what you don’t need. the easiest way to do that is by saying no to plastic bags, forks, and spoons from takeout orders. then, only buy what you can reuse. opt for glass straws, glass containers, reusable bags, and eco-friendly items. nowadays, there are eco-friendly alternatives to your everyday items. always refuse single-use plastics and reuse and repurpose as much as possible. – augustnoa

3. eliminate single-use plastic products

eliminating toxic single-use petroleum plastics is essential to a healthy zero waste home. using alternative materials such as glass, steel, hemp, and aluminum that are infinitely recyclable or home compostable is a great way to reduce waste while using reusable and refillable products. these products include hemp, paper, bioplastics, wood, concrete, insulation, fabrics, and many more amazing products that can be composted at home, creating a truly circular economy. – Dama Distributing

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